Trisha Hoang

Trisha Hoang is a senior in high school attending J. Frank Dobie High School in Houston Texas. She has made positions as a first violin in TMEA Region from her 8th grade until now. In her freshman year of high school, she was ranked concertmaster of the Philharmonic Region orchestra. She is currently studying private lessons with Abigail Bracewell and teaches private lessons of her own with middle schoolers in hopes of becoming a music educator. As a member of Dobie’s varsity Chamber, her orchestra has received UIL sweepstakes during her entire high school career. She also received outstanding marks on her solo and ensemble projects. Throughout her high school years, Trisha enjoys playing gigs whether it be at a church or elementary school for more experience in the music field outside of school. Trisha likes to be involved in the community by being a part of clubs at school such as Key Club and Asian Student Association (ASA) which allows her to volunteer and give back. She also finds joy in playing video games, crocheting, and collecting plushies.