Annise Parker

Like all parents, we always want our children to have the best opportunity to learn, to exceed, to succeed, to experience, to blossom, to be happy, to be confident, to develop to their full potential in life. At age 17, our son Anthony had the opportunity to join Virtuosi of Houston. We did not know where it would lead him and where it would take us, but we had no doubt except two things: First, how are we going to find time to meet the rehearsal schedule as a senior student? Second, how are we going to pay for the tuition?

But starting from the very first rehearsal, Anthony brought home the excitement, the confidence and a different level of motivation to push forward in his musical interest. He said, “Mom, at Virtuosi, even the youngest one is as talented as the best in our school orchestra.” As time went by, we begin to notice that Virtuosi opened up more opportunities for our usually reticent Anthony to come out of his shell. He has become more willing to reach out to the communities with Virtuosi to help broadcast the good things that their music can bring to people’s lives—be it a smile of appreciation for the good music, or the pleasant surprise about the talent at their young age. Anthony became more confident about himself and more comfortable in front of people.

Annise ParkerFormer Mayor, City of Houston