Arne-Christian Pelz

As a professional flutist, I am a prime example of the benefits that Virtuosi so proudly gives. Eight years ago, I was looking for a way to share my talent. Virtuosi took me in and watched me flourish: it was a formative experience for me both socially and musically. Maestro Krager and Maestro Grabiec gave me knowledge and love for a wide variety of music, repertoire that is not often experienced because it is intended only for chamber orchestras. I developed skill and the sensitivity required for ensemble playing. I learned to perform under pressure, how to follow a conductor and the importance of rehearsal etiquette. I developed patience, discipline, confidence and leadership skills. When I entered the Boston Conservatory of Music in 2007, I was already more advanced than any of my classmates…After, I decided to follow my career in Europe where I graduated from the Brussels Conservatory of Music this past June 2012 with the “highest distinction”. A few weeks later, I signed a contract with the Royal Opera House “La Monnaie” in Brussels, Belgium.

Arne-Christian PelzVirtuosi Alumnus - First Principal Cellist of the Hamburg Symphony Orchestra in Germany