Christian Bravo

Christian Bravo, age 18, has been playing viola for 9 years. He began playing music at the piano at age 3 and picked up the viola at age 9. Graduating from Clements High School, he is a freshman in college, planning to transfer to the University of Houston. Christian has been a member of many music programs such as Virtuosi of Houston, Houston Youth Symphony, the Josef Gingold Chamber Music Festival of Miami, and AFA Summer Music Festivals. Being a TMEA Region 13 Philharmonic member, as well as being an All-Area contestant, he enjoys the competitiveness and intensity of high-level orchestral music. Christian has studied under Gary Levinson of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Michael Klotz of FIU in Miami, and Yuriy Bekker of Charleston Symphony Orchestra. He currently studies privately with Lauren Haley. Christian is passionate about weightlifting, singing, watching anime, and never tires of traveling and seeing new places. As a proud Caribbean-American, he is looking forward to heading back home to beautiful beaches and summer parties.