Sofia Sehgal

Sofia Sehgal, 14, is a double bassist who attends The Village High School as a freshman. She started playing the bass in 6th grade at Sartartia Middle School with Sophia Hsieh and is cur-rently studying with Andy Moritz. In 7th grade she placed 2nd chair in her Region 13 Middle School Symphony Orchestra. She also performed a solo along with her co-bassists and with the Sartartia Honors Orchestra for the TMEA 2021 Convention in January. From 3rd to 6th grade, she was part of a rock band where she did vocals, played the guitar, keys, and electric bass. Aside from music, she has an affinity for learning new languages, as she already speaks four: Spanish, Hindi, Swedish, and English. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, playing the piano, watching movies/ anime, playing golf, taekwondo, skiing, and traveling.