Mathew Perez

Mathew Perez is a joyful, optimistic clarinet player who has been playing clarinet for 7 years. He’s currently 17 years old and a senior at Manvel High School. Mathew started playing his instrument at eleven years old in 6th grade. He plans to apply to the University of Houston and major in music performance and education. Mathew has been apart of the TMEA 5A All-State Band, and has been a part of the Texas Tech summer band program. In addition to Virtuosi, he has been a member of the Houston Youth Symphony for the last two years, participating in their top orchestra, Symphony. A notable mention to Mathew’s music endeavors is that he also has scored consistent “1”s on the pieces he has chosen for Solo and Ensemble. Mathew currently studies under Rebecca Tobin and Chester Rowell, both with whom he has been studying for three years now. In his free time he loves to work out after school or hang out with his friends and family. He is also a huge food lover and enjoys exploring new foods from different cultures.