Julianna Marenco

Julianna Marenco (Jay), 15, is a bassist in 10th grade at Cypress Ranch High School who is returning for a 3rd season with Virtuosi of Houston. Jay started taking bass lessons at age 10 with Gabriel Katz, studied with Nick Puccia for 3 years, and is now taking lessons with Andrew Moritz. Jay has been selected to be in the Cy Fair Region 27 orchestras for the past 5 years, and has also earned top ratings for both solo and ensemble performances in the Texas UIL competitions. Jay participated in the Virtuosi of Houston’s small group ensemble coached by Houston Symphony bassist Eric Larsen. When not playing the bass, Jay enjoys playing the piano, rock climbing, art, music, movies, chess, baking, and is in Key club. Jay has also started playing the bass guitar and is a founding member of the band Serene. During the pandemic, the Marenco family—which includes Jay’s two older sisters who play viola and cello—adopted two kittens, Henry and Charlie, who keep the family laughing with their antics.