Jonah Loper

Jonah Loper, age 16, is an 11th grade student at Clear Falls High School where he is currently the principal double bassist with the Chamber 1 orchestra under the direction of Christopher Tran. He began studying Double Bass with Lavelle Florence in 2017. Since then, he has participated in the Region 17 Orchestra every year and has received superior ratings three times for Solo and Ensemble.  Jonah’s passion for music is matched by his passion for engineering. He is an active member of various STEM related organizations and national, engineering, mathematics, and Spanish honor societies. Jonah holds various leadership positions in competitive robotics teams with FRC team 324 Chips, the Clear Falls High School Vex team, and BEST team Jigsaw. He shares his passion for robotics with others by volunteering at robotic events and mentoring elementary, middle, and high school robotics teams.  Jonah recently began a new robotics club at Clear Falls High School that will further engage others in STEM-related applications.