Dominic Block

Dominic Block, age 14, has been taking violin lessons with Melissa Williams since 2017, when he was nine.  Dominic also plays the viola and composes music, and several of his pieces have been performed.  He is currently enrolled in Cathedral High School and will be entering ninth grade in the fall.  He has been a part of the Houston Youth Symphony for three years and was accepted into the Philharmonia orchestra for the 2022-2023 season.  Over the years Dominic has played in quartets and trios at AFA on violin and Opus 1 Chamber Music School on viola and attended the AFA Summer Music Festival three times.  Dominic has played for several gala fundraising events and competed with Western Academy at the Moore’s School of Music Jazz Festival.  Dominic’s hobbies and interests include running cross country, basketball, reading, learning Latin and Spanish, and playing the piano and guitar.  He enjoys camping, playing chess and making movies with his six siblings.  He is very excited to be a part of Virtuosi of Houston.