Andrea L. Ramirez-Salazar

Andrea L. Ramirez-Salazar is a 15 year-old violinist and sophomore at Memorial High School. She plays in the Memorial High School Sinfonia Orchestra under the direction of Danielle Prontka and Matthew Chan. Andrea has been playing the violin for nearly eleven years and began her studies at Wilchester Elementary School through the Suzuki Program led by Patricia Karakas. She currently studies with Katrina Bobbs Savitski. In middle school, she was selected for the Region 27 Middle School Symphony Orchestra in sixth and seventh grade, both times as a first violin. In ninth and tenth grade, she was a member of the Region 27 High School Symphony Orchestra, and also auditioned for the Texas All-State Orchestra. This year, she was selected as one of the 15 winners of the 2022 HMTA Baroque Competition. Along with enjoying the violin, Andrea has other musical hobbies such as piano, guitar, and singing. Andrea is returning for her fourth season with Virtuosi of Houston.