Tara Tran-Huu

Tara Tran-Huu is a 17 year old senior at Cypress Woods High School. She has been playing oboe for 6 years. Tara has in the past qualified for the regional band and orchestra, earning admission multiple times. Further in the All-State process, she has been a member of the 6A Texas All State Philharmonia and Concert Band consecutively in 2022 and 2023. In 2022, Tara won the honor to perform with the Honors Performance Series Symphony at Carnegie Hall, working under the direction of Kirt Mosier. In both 2022 and 2023, she performed as a finalist in the CyWoods HS Solo Competion. Tara is a two-year drum major in the marching band and has performed as a soloist in the marching show for three consecutive years. Her band program is under the direction of Head Director TJ Peterman with the assistance of Cinjin Casillas, Austin Byers, and Gabrielle Crouch, following the former direction of Head Director Tom Harrington.  Tara currently studies under Dr. Anne Leek and Dr. Andrew Parker. Past instructors would include Dr. Bethany Lawrence and Kristen Bundy.