Patricia Medina

Patricia Medina is a 17 year old violist who began playing at 12 years old. She is a Junior at J. Frank Dobie high school. She has been a part of the AFA Summer camp in 2017, the UH all state camp, and she has also performed in many outside gigs whether it be with Virtuosi or school performances. She has made the Region 19 orchestra since her first year she could audition to today which will be her 5th year making it into Region. She is a 1 year All Stater making it her junior year. Throughout her music journey, she has excelled in solo and ensemble competitions receiving a 1 for every performance she has made. Her first ever private lesson teacher was Tam Doung and now she studies with Suzzane LeFevre. Her main orchestra director is Angela Badon. Patricia is a proud Catholic believer and plays at her church. She also had one lovely dog named Kevin and a cat named Nala. Patricia mainly speaks Spanish and is a proud Mexican.