James Laase

James Laase is a 16 year old junior at Shadow Creek High School. He has been playing oboe since the 5th grade, for a total of 5 years. James has in the past qualified for the regional band and orchestra, earning first and second chair respectively. Additionally, during his freshman year of high school, he qualified for the 5a All-State Symphonic Band. On top of being a member of Virtuosi of Houston, James is a 3-year member of the Houston Youth Symphony. During the past summer, James had the pleasure to attend the Interlochen Summer Arts Camp, in which he was the principal oboe of the World Youth Wind Symphony. In addition to oboe, James is an avid member of his Boy Scout troop. Within scouting, he has earned the rank of Life Scout and is currently working towards achieving the rank of Eagle Scout. He has also attended a multitude of high-adventure camps such as Camp Orr in Arkansas, and the Appalachian Trail in North Carolina. James currently studies under Dr. Anne Leek and Annie Henneke. Other past instructors include Xiadi Liu, Matt Lengus, and David Barford.