Carlos Saavedra

Carlos Saavedra is a 17-year-old student from Sacramento, California and he currently attends Klein Forest High School as a Junior. He began playing the violin at the age of 7 and later joined orchestra in middle school. He began learning piano and guitar two years ago and recently began singing. He attended the American Festival of the Arts Summer Symphony and was Concert Master for the Symphony and the Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Dr. Clifton Evans, Michelle Blair, and Ingrid Gerling. He attended the Chloe Trevor Music Academy two consecutive years since their inaugural year and plans to attend a third. He made Region Freshman and Sophomore year. His Sophomore year he was rank 9 in his region. Unfortunately, he injured his left pinky was not able to audition for region or all-state this year. He is currently studying with former Houston Symphony member, Jane Kimmes. This is his first year in Virtuosi. Carlos is in his school’s varsity tennis team, computer programming team, SNHS, Mu Alpha Theta, BPA team, and Interact Club.