Alan Perez

Alan Perez, a talented musician and performer, has dedicated eight years of his life to mastering the art of the viola. His exceptional skills have earned him consecutive sweepstakes awards for his solo performances, showcasing his dedication and passion for music. Recently, Alan embraced a new artistic venture by joining the ballet folklorico group Danzas Folkloricas de Solei. In this vibrant ensemble, he explores the rich traditions of folklorico dance, celebrating the diverse cultural heritage of various regions in Mexico. Folklorico, rooted in Mexican folklore, encompasses a range of traditional dances and music, often accompanied by colorful costumes and lively rhythms. Alan’s involvement in this group not only highlights his versatility as a performer but also demonstrates his deep appreciation for preserving and sharing cultural traditions through the captivating medium of dance. With a strong foundation in music and a newfound passion for folklorico, Alan Perez continues to captivate audiences with his artistic talents.