20 for 20 Campaign

The 20 for 20 campaign is a Virtuosi of Houston campaign that celebrates our 20th season of excellence. Your support will allow us to continue to impact the lives of young artists through music education and performance programs for the next 20 years.

This campaign is aimed at securing funds to expand our reach and change the lives of young musicians and those who may have a distinctive interest in music. We are seeking your support to assist in this very important effort.

As a contributor to the 20 for 20 Campaign your funds will:

  • Enable VoH to start a new program called, “A Touch of Music,” an after-school outreach program for disadvantaged students
  • Impact youth in the community who might not otherwise experience the enjoyment of chamber music
  • Recruit and retain talented young musicians in the Houston area
  • Expand educational and cultural opportunities for young musicians of today and tomorrow
  • Enhance the musicality and musicianship of all children who participate in VoH programs