Tina Li

Tina Li, 15, has been studying violin since the age of 5, now under the tutelage of Henry Rubin. She has made Region 23 orchestra every year since 6th grade and has won numerous accolades in UIL Solo and Ensemble. Besides violin, Tina also has a keen eye for other artforms. In 2016, she received an Honorable Mention in the International Photography Contest: Our World. In 2017, she received a gold key from Scholastics for her short story, “The Girl in the White Dress”. Outside of the arts, Tina has been invited to numerous University seminars and internships to carry out research in the fields of economics and political science. In 2018, she was received by the U.S. Naval Academy to do a week-study of Marine Engineering in Annapolis, Maryland. This past summer alone, she attended a two-week seminar at Rice University, studying under Professor Jamie Wagner, a renowned researcher of economics and ethics. She also won first prize at the month-long Young Leaders Institute of Diplomacy at the Asia Society after studying under names such as Dr. Emran El-Badawi, Professor Tom Kolditz, and Director Paula Harris. Last year, she qualified as a semi-finalist in the Harvard University HCER Essay Contest. This upcoming year will be Tina’s 5th year as a Virtuosi of Houston member.