Samantha Rodriguez

Samantha Rodriguez, 17, is a senior at Pasadena High School and began playing violin at age 10. In addition to the violin, she plays piano, guitar, and sings. Samantha has participated in the AFA Summer Music Festival, played with the Pasadena Philharmonic Orchestra, and made the Region 19 Symphony Orchestra for consecutive years. With help and support from her violin teacher, Sandra Shaffer, and her orchestra directors, Michael Bonas and Bradley Jacob, she has achieved many accomplishments and aspires to be an orchestra director. Aside from music, Samantha is a successful student in school. She enjoys spending time with her family, whether it be watching a movie or going fishing. Furthermore, she cares very much for her chihuahua, Summer, and her other pets. This is Samantha’s first year playing with Virtuosi of Houston and she is very excited to be a part of the orchestra.