Abigail Brooks

Abigail Brooks, a 16-year-old, is a sophomore homeschooled student. She is a bubbly girl and her joy of music is contagious. Her first instrument was the violin in the first grade. Upon starting middle school she fell in love with the double bass and has been playing it since. Abigail has been an active member of the Homeschool Orchestra, Instruments of Praise led by Paul Sommer. She has earned highest marks at the Houston Concert Band’s Solo and Ensemble competition for the past three years. Last year she received 2nd chair for Region 27, and fourth place at the Virtuosi Concerto Competition. During the summer, Abigail attended the AFA music camp and worked with bassist Andy Moritz. She is very excited about playing with Virtuosi for her second season and sharing her love of music with the world! Thank you to Gabriel Katz, her private instructor, for playing a key role in helping Abigail grow and succeed.