Mary Kathryn Gibson

Mary Kathryn Gibson, a thirteen year old homeschooled student, started playing the violin at age four. This will be her second season in Virtuosi of Houston. She was once named the Symphony League of Beaumont Outstanding Young Performer in their annual string competition. Mary Kathryn was also to be named part of the 2017–2018 and 2018–2019 Region 19 All-Region Orchestra. Also, two of Mary Kathryn’s five musical siblings, Daniel and Jonas Gibson, were former Virtuosi of Houston concertmasters. She also lost her brother, Jonas Gibson, in January of 2014. Also an avid and competitive runner, Mary Kathryn has ran with track teams on both AAU and USA Track teams—qualifying for regional, state, and national meets and has broken state, national and even world records and has placed at many Junior Olympics. Mary Kathryn also won the ten and under division twice at Foot Locker Nationals in Charlotte, North Carolina. She also broke a World Record when she was just ten years old on January 5, 2017, two days before her eleventh birthday, she broke the 10 year old Girl’s two mile World Record. The World Record was 11:49.40 and she ran 11:49.11. That was one of the happiest days of her life. Mary Kathryn broke this record in Staten island, New York.