Ricardo Flores

Ricardo Flores also known as Ricky is a sophomore at Cypress Woods High School, where he is a member of their Chamber Orchestra. He began playing the cello in 6th grade and also enjoys playing the violin and piano. Ricardo has attended Extreme Cello Summer Camp for the last 3 years and has exceled in all of their concerts. Ricardo made Region every year since the 7th grade and has gotten all Division One ratings for his Solos on his Solo and Ensemble competitions. He has recently hired a private lessons teacher. Ricardo has also recently auditioned for All state. This is his first year with Virtuosi of Houston. He loves a vast majority of music, playing video games and spending time with his friends. Ricardo, his younger sister, Priscilla, and older brother, Charles, are all fluent in Spanish. He is hoping to go to Berklee College of Music and graduate with a Master of Arts in Music Therapy and a Master of Music in Contemporary Performance.