Jennifer Lin

Jennifer is a talented 12-year-old musician who has played the violin for 3 years and piano for 8 years. She is currently in the seventh grade at Spillane Middle School. She was the 2015–2016 concertmaster at Spillane MS Chamber Orchestra directed by Ms. Jeannine Adams. She attended the 2016 Virtuosi of Houston Summer Workshop and really enjoyed the pre-concert trio performance at the Texas Music Festival. She currently studies the violin under Dr. Shih-Ting Huang and formerly under Ms. Melissa Cantu and Ms. Barbe Shulamith. She got into Region 27 Symphony Orchestra in sixth grade and received an “Excellent” rating for 2015–2016 Solo-Ensemble Contest. During the 2015–2016 UIL, as the concertmaster, her MS Chamber Orchestra won all “Excellent” ratings. She enjoyed performing with her orchestra friends at an assisted living center in Cypress. Jennifer is a straight A student and speaks Chinese fluently. She loves figure skating, downhill skiing and traveling. She also played in the 2015–2016 Pee Wee Ice Hockey League at the Aerodrome.