Victor Xia

Victor Xia, 16 years old, began playing
the violin when he was 10. He is a
junior at Jersey Village High School.
He has participated in the Saenz All
State camp for the past 3 summers.
Victor has made it into his region
orchestra every year since 6th grade.
He also made it into area in 9th and
10th grade and has completed solo
and ensemble five times now, earning
1s for each performance. Victor
previously studied with violin teacher,
Mark Multop, and currently studies
with Henry Rubin. His orchestra
director is Luke Sliva. He enjoys
playing tennis for his school’s varsity
team, speaks Chinese and Spanish
at a semi-fluent level, and loves to
volunteer, as he is an officer for two of
his volunteering clubs at school: Hope
Club and Key Club.