Reenu Kutty

Reenu Kutty is a fourteen year old
attending Tompkins High School of
Katy ISD. She started playing the
violin at age seven, but became more
passionate about music entering junior
high. She has attended the 2016 Katy
ISD Junior High Orchestra camp
along with the Virtuosi of Houston
Small Ensemble Summer Workshop.
Reenu has also been a part of
Region Orchestra since 7th grade.
Additionally, she has received the
highest ratings in Solo and Ensemble
since 6th grade. Her current orchestra
directors at Tompkins High School are
Mr. Porter and Ms. Mohi. She studies
violin privately with Mr. Gang Hou.
She enjoys school, but her favorite
class is Orchestra. When she is not
doing school work she might be found
baking, reading, trying to play other
instruments, or spending time with her
sweet Black Lab mix puppy, Mickey.
Reenu also likes to spend time outside,
and maybe attempt to play sports.