Melissa Escobar

Melissa Escobar is 17 years old and
a junior at Pasadena Memorial
High School. She currently plays in
the chamber orchestra under both
directors, Mr. Noah Claytor and Mr.
Matthew Suarez, since the beginning of
her freshman year. She started playing
viola in 5th grade, at 11 years old and
soon in her 8th grade year, she tried out
for TMEA Region 19. Ever since, she
still continues to try out including All-
State. Moreover, she also auditioned
for AFA summer music festival during
the summer of 2017. Although Melissa
had no private lessons during that time,
she is determined to work hard. This
year is Melissa’s first year in the Virtuosi
of Houston orchestra. Besides playing
the viola, she enjoys making traditional
Hispanic food dishes, likes to watch
American cartoons such as SpongeBob
Square Pants and Steven Universe, and
is an obsessed meme collector.