Hannah Li

Hannah Li is a 14-year-old freshman
at Clements High School, where she
is in the school orchestra under the
guidance of Ginger Wolfe. Hannah
has been playing the violin for 4
years and currently studies with Li
YongChun. In her short 4-year violin
career, Hannah has been able to
improve quickly and accomplish many
feats — making region top orchestra’s
15th and 5th chair, receiving 1 bronze
and 3 gold medals in UIL Solo and
Ensemble, 2nd chair in the school
orchestra, and finally the orchestra
president for her middle school.
Hannah enjoys chamber music and
attends chamber music camps during
the summer. Hannah is a straight A+
student, speaks Chinese fluently and is
proficient in Spanish. Hannah has also
been an avid fan of math and painting
since early ages – participating
in many math contests as well as
receiving honors in the Scholastic Art
and Writing competition.